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Lemon Door Hanger Tutorial

I needed a creative project - something other than cleaning closets and organizing junk drawers! I am not sure how I landed on wooden lemon door hangers for my front doors but here we are...

First - buy your lemons.  I got mine in the 18" size from this etsy shop 

You will also need:

1. Yellow, green, white and black paint. I had some on hand from a previous project but you can buy them here on amazon

2. Black Sharpie marker for detail and lettering.

3. Hanger wire or ribbon.  Black and White here  and Yellow here 

Step 1: Paint your lemon bodies.  I used Cadmium Yellow. 

Step 2: Paint your stems.  I used Bright Green and mixed it with black for depth on the leaves then blended.  

Step 3: After everything is dry - outline with the black paint marker or sharpie marker.  I also used a little white paint on the leaves.

Step 4: Add your wording.  I chose "Hello Y'all" just because I thought it would be apropos. Once your lettering is dry then add your ribbon and you are ready to hang!

*Since the wood is so thin I got away with gorilla gluing the ribbon on the back to hold it.  I have also used a staple gun for thicker wood cutouts in the past.  

I'd love to see your project if you decide to try one at home.  These aren't perfect, buy hey, it filled up an afternoon and now my door is somewhat decorated for Summer!  Now for a couple pots full of impatients and we are set!  Stay caffeinated and crafty friends!


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