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3 Tips for Better Keurig Coffee

A question that I receive often is  "What is the best way to brew my favorite coffee in a Keurig?"  

Whether you are at home, work or traveling, Keurigs are everywhere and though they have restraints there are a couple of things that you can do to provide the best possible taste.

The two things that are absolutely necessary for a great cup of coffee are time and heat. Now this goes against the very draw of a Keurig machine which is me need coffee fast.  But with this in mind follow the tips below and you should experience a better flavor : 

1. Load up your cup. Fill your reusable Kcup to the brim with your coffee. If you like your coffee really strong - you may need to brew two.   

2. Decrease the water. Make the smallest cup of coffee allowable - for the Elite this is 4 cups, for the Classic and Mini it is 6.  

3. Turn up the heat if you can. The Elite allows you to turn up the heat of the water to 192. Crank it to the max. The Classic and Mini do not have this option.

While the actual time and temperature for the "ideal" cup of coffee sparks more debate than the last election - the tips above should help your coffee taste less watery in your Keurig.  In my opinion the best brews come in with water temp around 195-200 and grounds in contact with it at the 3-4 min range.  

I do own a mini Keurig that I use for tea and hot chocolate but my everyday coffee maker is linked below.  I use the whole bean version of our flavors.  If you would be interested in buying Southern Belle in Whole Bean, please let us know. We are always open to your input!

My Coffee Maker 

I hope this has helped you!  Stay Caffeinated friends!


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