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Is Flavored Coffee Diet Friendly?

The really really really great news is that the answer to this is YES !   

If you have begun the new year with the intention to be healthier then you can feel confident that your favorite flavored coffee will most likely not throw you off of your diet.  If you love sugar and cream in your coffee well...that's another story. Flavored coffee can be a great addition to your diet to help curb cravings but if you love your cream and sugar here are a few sweetener tips for popular diets :

Tips if you are on KETO 

Use a dollop of heavy cream if you love creamer and if you love sugar then try Stevia.  Both are acceptable on Keto.  

Tips if you are on WHOLE 30 

For creamer NutPods, Almond or Coconut milk and for sugar the diet approved version appears to be a paste made from Dates although the milk or nutpods may help sweeten the taste.

Tips if you are on Weight Watchers 

For creamer there are lots of options like Nestle Fat Free/ Sugar Free Creamers, Nutpods and Fat free Half and Half that are zero to 1 point.  For sweetener try Stevia.   

I am not a dietician or nutritionist so if you are on these diets under the care of a professional please seek their input on what is best for you and your program.  

I wish you luck in your endeavor to be a healthier YOU in the new year!  YOU CAN DO IT!  Go get 'em and as always...stay caffeinated!




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