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Keeping A New Years Resolution

The first promises I tend to break are the ones I make to myself and I am not sure why. Maybe it is because the moment I became a mother most of what I wanted was dictated by the tiny screaming midgets in my house.  Maybe it is because there are so many demands on my time that I cannot possibly keep up with every commitment that I make.  Maybe it is because I would rather disappoint myself than someone else (insert judgy psychotherapist). This year I am going to approach my resolutions in a new way and I thought a few of these ideas may also help you.  

1.  Set Mini-Goals

If you truly want to change a behavior you have to start out slowly.  Setting small incremental goals that will eventually lead to your ultimate goal will give you the time you need to introduce (or cut) a habit.

Example :  I want my family and I to eat healthier in 2020 but stating that we will only eat out once per week is an unrealistic goal to implement immediately.  Instead, my mini goal is to cook a healthy meal at home at least 2 nights per week. This is realistic given my work schedule and I will increase this to 3 and 4 nights when we are consistently executing on the first mini goal.

2. Identify Triggers  

What makes you abandon your resolutions? Truly evaluate why you have been unable to keep your promises in the past and be honest with yourself.  Don't let social norms or prior beliefs affect this exercise. In my case access equals failure and stress is always my trigger.

Example : If my resolution is to drink less wine, or eat less sugar...or both and I come home after a stressful day and either of these things are in my home I WILL NOT exercise self control !!  I know myself well enough to know and admit this so when it comes to these things I simply cannot keep them in my house. If I have had a bad enough day to stop by Sonic on the way home for a cream pie shake then it's an exception and I deserve it. It's not an ALL OR NOTHING.  If you fall off the wagon don't give up and self deprecate - it just means you fell off.  Climb back on!

3.  Establish Check In Points

With all the digital help we have access to, it's easy to set up check-ins or reminders for yourself and your goals. 

Example : "Alexa remind me every Sunday at noon to plan meals for the week".   Done and Done.  


I hope that this post has helped you. I am so thankful for all of our followers, blog readers, and coffee drinking clients !

2020 is going to be the best year ever!  



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