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Happy Hubby - A Valentine's Day Gift Guide

As my husband stands in the living room hovering over a thousand little wood pieces while gripping a set of assembly instructions (aka my latest online furniture purchase) I think to myself - I may need to level up for Valentines this year.  I don't like the usual chocolate and dinner thing so I have assembled a few gift ideas and thought I'd share with y'all in case you too have recently purchased anything from Wayfair! 

Click Here - If he's a drinker of the Bourbon ---> Samplin' Sips 

Click Here - If he's a Grill guy ---> Never overheat the meat

Click Here - If he loves his furry babies too ---> Man Cave approved

Click Here - If he's techy and a bit lazy ---> If I press this button...

Click Here - If he is a travelin man ---> It's big, it's little - it's both

Click Here - If he is a tailgater ---> Table for four

Click Here - If he is outdoorsy ---> The quicker picker upper

Click Here - If he is a golfer ---> Mine Mine Mine

They kill our spiders, assemble our furniture and pull wads of hair out of our drains. They are the heroes of our homes. Let's hook them up on Valentine's Day ladies!  



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