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Faux Topiary Tutorial

Sometimes I get it in my head that I am going to be crafty and today was one of those days.  Most of the time it ends with me cussing under my breath while I wash, scrape or scour something off of my skin, walls or floor.  This topiary project turned out pretty cute so I thought I would share it with y'all.  

Supplies:  Hobby Lobby

2 Blue and White Jars $39 each (but on sale 50% off)

2 Round Topiary Balls - Floral Section 7.99 each

1 36" dowel rod - Wood section 2.99

1 package half-round styrofoam 3.99

1 package super moss 8.99. (don't bother with that regular subpar moss!)

 1 package grapevine wire 3.99

Steps :  

Cut the dowel rod in half using a small miter saw or get hubs all hopped up about using his multitool.  Anything that can cut a 1/2 inch pc of wood will do. 

Trace the size of the dowel rod in the center of the styrofoam then use a sharp kitchen knife to divet out the hole.  Push the rod until it pierces thru the center.  This will keep it centered in the pot. 

Paint the rod brown and let dry. Once dry set the foam on the top of the jar and determine the desired height. Glue in place with whatever you've got.  I used hot glue.  Place the topiary ball on the rod. It takes a little jostling but you'll get there.   

Once your topiary ball is on, take a step back and make sure everything looks straight. Now add a little of the wire to the front of the dowel rod.  (Originally I wrapped it in the wire but it looked too thick so I just did one strand to give it a little something). 

Glue down your super moss and you are in business.  I will find some pretty blue and white ribbon to finish them off.  Voila!  

Now I know what you are thinking. If you add up the materials you could just buy one at the store. True. Each topiary was $37 but $20 of that was the container. If you wanted to reduce the cost you could paint a plain clay pot from Lowes and come out around $20-23.  Also, the height was an issue.  I could not find one that fit in the space like I wanted and the ones too short online were $50 each plus shipping.  Sometimes it's just easier to make the dang thing yourself!  I hope this helped or inspired you! 

Stay crafty...and caffeinated!




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