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Busy Mom Resources

Some days I am dialed in and ready to take on the world. Other days I can't remember the last time I actually washed my hair and barely get out the door fully dressed.  I know I'm not the only one so I put together a couple of the resources that I personally use to help me out.  *Disclaimer - None of these are collaborations or paid promotions - just things that I find helpful.

1. Exercise 

It's always the first thing to be deleted from my busy to-do list. I found a great website that is FREE and allows you to dial in what type of workout you can squeeze in and the time allowed.  So if I only have 15 minutes and would like to do yoga - done. If I have 25 minutes and need cardio - done.  Multiple workouts pop up and you can even plug in what equipment (or no equipment) you have on hand.  This is very helpful when I am traveling and don't want to venture down to the creepy hotel gym. Go to www.fitnessblender.com to check it out.     

2. Dinner 

If ONE MORE person asks me what's for dinner I am going to drop my basket.  It's the age-old question that for some reason only moms can answer. This year I am trying something new in an effort to eat out less during the busy week.  I have subscribed to @thedinnerdarling.  She sends you yummy recipes each week along with grocery lists.  If you want to eat lite she has an option that includes WW points and nutritional information! 

3. Personal Assistant

It's not what you think.  She's $50 and links to my calendar.  Her name is Alexa and she is my b-----!  I yell at her to add things to my to-do list and sync with the app on my phone.  I plug in reminders for snow-cone day, elf day, dress like your mom day, social studies project day ...you get the picture...oh and picture day!  These school activities will drive you to drink y'all.  If I didn't have Alexa I would be lost in a land of yellow sticky notes.  

A few other sites that make life easier for us busy moms : 

Click here for an entire birthday party kit

Click here for easy thank you notes for kids

Click here for adorable free printables 

Click here for wine delivered to your doorstep  (you know why)

And of course....click here for the most AMAZE BALLS coffee delivered to your doorstep!! 

Stay Caffeinated moms - it's the only way we will have enough energy to keep up with them!  




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